About us

From the very beginning, our company has focused on exceptional customer satisfaction so that your company can run more effectively. How does INIX make certain to exceed their customers´ needs?

1. Personal Relationships

From day one, we have focused on personally getting to know each of our customers and their unique packaging needs. Instead of being simply a number or an account, each of our customers know that we will work with them to help their company be successful.


2. Innovation and Availability

Keeping up with new developments in the packaging world is mandatory. We make certain to stay abreast of current trends, new designs, and exciting innovations so you can rest assured that our products are the best available. Since INIX is one of only a few companies that offer such a complete line of OPS, PET and PP containers, you can be con dent that your particular needs will be met.

3. Brand Name Recognition

We know how important it is that your company is recognized as a leader in your industry. This is one reason that we offer custom packaging for your organization – new innovation, printing, or embossing services. This is an in-house process so we offer this marketing tool to even the most modest-sized companies.


When you use INIX products

you´re getting the best that´s out there. We are constantly building our business so that our customers receive excellent service and products. We offer.

Since our inception, INIX has been responding to customer feedback and industry trends in order to deliver.

About us

Our quality standards establishes for the procurement of all raw materials used in the manufacture of our products complies with F.D.A. certi cation in order to protect your products and company image.

Our top priority and commitment is to service.

We permanently exceed our customers expectations by continuing to maintain our quality versus price policy. We have the distinct ability to deliver in excess of 300 quality products on a basis with the support of our company owned operated distribution centers.

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